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Your Appliances are an important factor when finalizing all the details that make your renovation job complete. When you are considering doing a renovation or even just a tidy up in the kitchen. Consider updating your appliances as they can sometimes look tied against your new cabinetry whatever the job It's always a great opportunity to replace your tired appliances. Konnect Kitchen Store has a range of Cooktops, Range Hoods and Ovens that will create a touch of style and class in your kitchen and at these great prices why not do it or why not take the opportunity to package up your new appliances with our 3 piece offer. They come with a 2 year Warranty and are manufactured in Italy. You can't go wrong.

Our Range is all about Quality not Quantity. Our Appliances represent value for money and are designed to last. We offer reputable Brands.

We are dedicated to providing our customers Quality without the cost.

You be the Judge...