Budget Kitchens Melbourne

Budget Kitchens Melbourne

Best Design for
Your Small Kitchen

Modern small kitchens in Melbourne are increasingly becoming the new norm and this can be attributed to the way our population is evolving. Moreover, small kitchen designs are well-supported by wider government planning initiatives; however, townhouses, inner-metro homes and apartments in Melbourne, all need small kitchens equipped with high-end functionality. Generally, singles, couples and small families will want to ensure small kitchens packs in good value for the available space.

Why Choose Konnect Kitchen for
Your Budget Kitchen Design in Melbourne?

Once you have made up your mind for designing a small kitchen, you’ll start thinking of hiring the right kitchen manufacturer. Choosing the right kitchen company in your budget is crucial to the success of your small kitchen design.


With vast experience under its belt, Konnect Kitchen Store has been successfully building premium quality small kitchen designs on a budget in Melbourne.

Value and Service

Our satisfied customers are a testimony to the extraordinary value and service we provide.


We're a sovereign Australian-owned business having a proven track record.

Installation Phase

We entrust only qualified tradespeople to perform the job during the installation phase.

Quality Materials

Our modern budget kitchens in Melbourne are made from quality materials.

Lifetime Warranty

We provide a lifetime warranty on hardware and 10 years manufacturer's warranty.

Is a Small Kitchen Makeover on Your Mind?

Feel free to call us on 03 9796 3337, and speak directly to one of our experienced and friendly team.

Benchtop Brands
That We Use for
Small Kitchens Include:

We use laminate benchtops in the small kitchen design.
To know more about laminate kitchen benchtops — click here..
Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

  • When making the most of a small kitchen, every inch matters. Without sacrificing style or functionality, we help you to convert your small kitchen into a convenient and practical space.
  • Space limitations help you to explore your hidden design creativity and focus on your important needs. If you have a small kitchen space, you can make it feel more inviting and spacious using some space-creating techniques.

Check Out Our Unique Small Kitchen Design Work

Feel free to request tips from our pro kitchen designers for installing your dream kitchen within the available space that you already possess.

DIY Kitchen in Your

  • When you’re planning for DIY kitchens, you’ll want to get maximum impact for minimum spend.
  • A kitchen has to function efficiently and each element in a small kitchen must be precisely planned from the initial layout-design to the placing of appliances, everything should work together to overcome the limitations of cooking in a limited space.
  • Konnect Kitchen Store’s DIY kitchens are smartly designed and made to deliver great utility and ease of use ensuring you get more for your money.
DIY Kitchen in Your Budget

Get in touch with Konnect Kitchen Store for smart DIY kitchen options for your small kitchen Melbourne, which will maximise your kitchen space in style!

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Diy Small Budget Kitchen Big
Diy Small Kitchen Sydney Big
Small Kitchen Remodelling in Melbourne

Small Kitchen Remodelling in Melbourne

Small Kitchen Remodelling in Melbourne
  • Remodelling a small kitchen in Melbourne is all about optimising the available space. You’ll need comfortable interiors and generous storage to combine practicality and style with ease.
  • To conveniently access items when preparing food and cleaning up, you’ll need pullout storage, open shelves and cleverly designed cabinets.
  • A well-organised layout and work triangle would greatly help the small kitchen to have a big impact.

Our Popular Kitchen Renovation Styles

Quality Products at Attractive Prices

We Supply Quality Products at Attractive Prices

Konnect Kitchen Store supply high-quality products that are competitively priced, which is why other kitchen manufacturers buy all of their hardware supplies from us.

Single Point of Contact

When you hand over your kitchen renovation project to Konnect Kitchen Store Melbourne, our single point of contact “Mohamed Elmasri” will be in charge of your project and will handle your job from commencement to completion assuring your project is accomplished without a glitch and on a timely basis without being passed around.

Visit our showroom or call 03 9796 3337 for a small kitchen design quote.

Single Point Of Contact

Lend Your Kitchen Cabinets a Fresh Makeover

  • With an intelligent cabinet makeover, you can lend your kitchen a purposeful update.
  • Changing kitchen cabinetry completely can be a substantial investment; however, if your kitchen cabinets are in excellent condition structurally, then a little face-lift is only required so that they look like new and provide your kitchen with a much-needed update.
  • At Konnect Kitchen Store, we help our customers to optimise their existing kitchen space so that they get more storage space to keep all the items, and more workspace to cook and clean conveniently without compromising on style.

Here are Some of Our Kitchen Renovation Works

Kitchen Design Before
Kitchen Design After
Kitchen Design Before
Kitchen Design After

Small Kitchen Renovation Cost in Melbourne

  • Budget kitchen renovations in Melbourne is mostly a matter of blending your finances with the correct things.
  • To keep overall costs down, customers have the choice to mix and match. Blend high-end products with affordable alternatives — for example, you may want use one shade of melamine for your kitchen floor cabinets and a little different shade for the upper cabinets while for the kitchen benchtop, you may want to install granite or stone.
  • We have expert project consultants who can provide free consultations/ cost estimation for renovating your small kitchen (small on-site consultation fees for measuring and advice are charged; however, it's refunded once the work begins).

Do You Want to Obtain a Quote for a Budget Kitchen Renovation in Melbourne?

Feel free to call us at Konnect Kitchen Store on 03 9796 3337, and one of our professional and friendly teams will be pleased to assist you. Alternatively, you can contact us to get more details.

Manufacturing Unit And Showroom

Manufacturing Unit and Showroom

  • We have a generous showroom that is nicely arranged with custom kitchens on display to provide you, the customer with a visual representation of the actual kitchen.
  • We have modern machinery to achieve all exhaustive and distinctive styles of cabinetry and goods.
  • Right from the manufacturing phase to the delivery of goods, all materials are dealt with the utmost care.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common frequently asked questions about small budget kitchens are listed below. In case the answer you’re looking for is not here, then please call us at Konnect Kitchen Store on 03 9796 3337, and we will be glad to help you.

Renovating a small kitchen could start from under $6000 onward. Are you looking for custom kitchen design or renovation solutions in Melbourne? Then, call us 03 9796 3337 or obtain a quick quote online for kitchen cost estimation!

You can choose from popular small kitchen layout styles, which includes a galley kitchen, one wall kitchen, minimalist kitchen and concealed kitchen, and smartly design your space.

  • Use light colours such as white, off-white, cream, light yellow, light green and light pink etc. on your kitchen walls, splashback, tiles, as this can easily open up space.
  • Add geometric patterns – for instance, urban subway tiles can impart a sense of opening up a minuscule area.
  • Alternatively, use mirrored splashback or mirrored cupboards to create the illusion of space.
  • Besides, choose a single kitchen sink, a compact dishwasher, a slimline fridge, use integrated appliances and opt for slimmer cabinets.
    Stick to clean lines by using push or integrated kitchen handles at the side of the cupboard doors to style a spacious, sleeker small kitchen space.
  • Stick to clean lines by using push or integrated kitchen handles at the side of the cupboard doors to style a spacious, sleeker small kitchen space.

If your small kitchen has a blank wall, then you can make use of it by installing a table that can fold down and merge with the wall when not in use. It will give you an extra counter or dining space.

Well, you should place frequently used kitchen appliances on your benchtop or the last shelves in your cabinet. Conversely, rarely used kitchen appliances you can store at the top of your cabinets, so it does not block handy storage space. Finally, re-evaluate appliances that are never used and sell or donate them to clean up the storage space.

A small kitchen renovation would take around 4-week to 8-week. However, during the kitchen renovation, you need to rent a different area to perform your kitchen chores.

Essential small kitchen styling recommendations include:

  • You can use a large chopping board to extend your food preparation area. You can put this large chopping board over the sink and use it and then put it aside.
  • Make use of open shelving on the wall above the kitchen benchtop and extend your storage space.
  • Choose the best combination of lighting to make the area spacious. It could include under cabinets lighting, above the stove lighting and over the sink lighting.
  • Add a rug to beautify the space. You can select an outdoor rug, made out of recycled plastic, which can be easily wiped clean or hosed down. Don’t forget to use an anti-slip pad beneath the rugs to lower the risk of any undesirable underfoot activity.

Well, a kitchen area with less than 4 metres of breadth is not ideal for placing a kitchen island.

White and neutral paint colours highly recommended for small kitchen cabinets. That’s because white paint reflects light, increasing the sense of space. Furthermore, when you use the same colour on your walls, splashback and ceiling, you create a united space with few boundaries or edges to restrict the eye. Call us on 03 9796 3337 to build custom kitchen cabinets or furniture in Melbourne.

Mirror and glass splashback can create the illusion of spaciousness, so they are ideal for compact or small kitchens. Bear in mind, mirrored splashbacks will accumulate dirt and marks quickly, so regular cleaning is required.