Top 5 Tips to Make Your Standard Kitchen Cabinets Look Custom


Kitchen cabinets might seem uninteresting compared to shiny lights and pretty benchtops when building or renovating your kitchen. But the cabinets really change how your kitchen looks. Think about it: they take up ample space, covering nearly two walls in some kitchens. They’re the first thing you’ll notice, which sets up the stage for everything else.

It means selecting the style of your kitchen cabinets is super important. Whether you like fancy traditional styles or minimalist modern ones – whatever you choose sets the tone for your kitchen. But what if you’re not installing custom cabinetry?

Standard Vs. Custom Kitchen Cabinets

While custom cabinets are great, they’re pricier and can take a long time to build and install. So, you might end up choosing standard cabinets, which are readily available for purchase and can be installed in a minimal timeframe. However, there are ways to make these standard cabinets look like they were made just for your kitchen.

Keep the following two tips in mind to make your standard kitchen cabinetry look custom:

  • Make sure your cabinets match the style of your home. If your home is traditional but your cabinets look ultra-modern, it might mismatch, and the design won’t be easy on the eyes.
  • Don’t be shy about making your cabinets show off your personality. It makes your kitchen feel special and truly yours. The design you love endures for a long time.

Here are the five vital tips to make your standard cabinetry look custom:

1. Put Glass Doors in Upper Cabinets

Adding glass doors to upper cabinets makes your kitchen feel open and classy. It also breaks up the look of having too many solid cabinets. You can pick from different kinds of glass to match your kitchen’s style, like frosted glass for a modern look or clear glass to show off excellent dishes.

2. Play with the Size of Your Cabinets

Change up the usual long rows of cabinets by using different heights and depths. It will add an element of interest and make it look like you had them designed just for your kitchen. You can build some cabinets to protrude a bit or make them taller to fit big appliances underneath.

3. Use Open Shelves

Open shelves make your kitchen feel welcoming and spacious, and they’re practical. With open shelving, you can show off ornamental dishes or decorations. Furthermore, you can add lights underneath to make it even more special or a sliding door that adorns a black or green writing board on which you can write some beautiful quotes or notes. This will leave the half or quarter shelf open on any side.

4. Add a Footrest on Your Kitchen Island

Footrests aren’t just for bars or fancy hotels anymore. These days, footrests and rails indicate high-end customisation, and it’s pretty normal to add one to your kitchen island. It makes it look custom and is comfortable, too. It helps you stand or sit in a way that’s better for your back.

5. Blend Various Colours to Add Interest

Adding colour to your cabinets can really make your kitchen pop. You could try two different colours for the island and the wall cabinets or blend painted cabinets with ones that show the wood’s natural look. If you’re not ready for a lot of colours, just paint the island or a small area.

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