6 Best Kitchen Benchtop Materials! Which One Is Your Pick?

The kitchen benchtop is a significant part of any kitchen, as most of the kitchen chores performed on it. In this blog post, we have picked six choicest kitchen benchtop materials you can install as per your requirements and budget. It can help you select the best benchtop materials to suit your kitchen style.

Laminate Benchtops

laminate benchtop kitchen

Appearance: Made from MDF or ply and coated in a clear layer of melamine, laminate can take up any style, from natural stone and timber to clean industrial look. Laminex and Formica are the choicest brands.

Maintenance: You can clean the laminate surface with the utmost ease, and it is stain resistant as well. However, if you drop something on it, it can flake off, and once the melamine layer is damaged, water can get inside, which can cause a lump.

Cost: Laminate benchtops are known for affordability and widely used for a kitchen design or renovation on a budget.

Timber Benchtops

Timber Benchtop Kitchen

Appearance: The loveliness of timber can enhance with age. Besides, timber material is warm and inviting.

Maintenance: Timber will require some regular maintenance to preserve its look. Although timber is vulnerable to scratches and scorch marks, you can repair any dent by sanding the surface back and recoating with polyurethane or oil.

Cost: Readymade or pre-fabricated timber benchtops will be at an affordable end, and custom made benchtops from rare or exotic timbers will remain on the higher end.

Granite Benchtops

Granite Benchtop Kitchen

Appearance: Granite can provide you with the most elegant-looking benchtops with stunning features, but it sits at the peak of the kitchen budget range. Granite available in slabs, so it will come with joins. It’s robust, durable, and long-lasting and comes in attractive colours.

Maintenance: Granite is a porous material; so from time to time, it needs sealing for effective stain resistance depending on the workout it receives.

Cost: It is pricier, but once installed, it will serve you for years to come. It facilitates you to perform your cooking chores without any worries of staining or scratching. Besides, you’ll have the robust and sturdy granite benchtop and its elegant looks for many years.

Solid Surface Benchtops

Solid Surface Benchtop Kitchen

Appearance: Solid surface fabricated using acrylic resin with a filler of aluminium oxide, bestowing clean and smooth looks. It is a transparent material, allowing you to see-through, so fit backlight for an added appeal.

Maintenance: It is easy to remove any stains from the solid-surface and facilitates effortless cleaning. Due to their UV-resistant properties, they suit alfresco kitchens. If you accidentally scratch or dent solid surfaces, they can be repaired by a professional.

Cost: Popular or widely used solid-surface benchtop is not pricier; however, if you’re after a brand like Corian, then it can get expensive, particularly if you want a unique colour that’s not in demand or common choice.

Marble Benchtops

Marble Benchtop Kitchen

Appearance: Marble benchtops available in different patterns and each one is distinctive. Besides, they render an attractive and timeless look.

Maintenance: Marble is sensitive to acidic foods and spills, so it needs wiping up swiftly. Marble can stain, flake, scratch, or crack as it lacks the durability of granite.

Cost: Depending upon the quality and finish, marble can get pricier than granite.

Quartz/ Engineered Stone Benchtops

Engineered Stone Benchtop Kitchen

Appearance: Engineered stone benchtops made from quartz, glass chips mixed with a resin or polyester base, or marble dust, is also known as quartz benchtop. It means, engineered stone can offer an array of patterns and colours from which you can pick.

Maintenance: Engineered stone is not as porous material as marble or granite, so it does not need sealing. Though difficult to scratch, it’s susceptible to nicks. Red wine and tea spills, if not wiped away promptly can stain engineered stone. You need to get it professionally cleaned or use approved stone cleaners.

Cost: Depending on the style you choose, engineered stone can cost you the same as granite or somewhere near granite’s cost. CaesarStone, SmartStone, and Quantum Quartz are the leading brands for engineered stone.

Final Words

Voila, the six kitchen benchtop materials! Which one is your pick? If you need any help selecting kitchen benchtop material, then get in touch with Konnect Kitchen Store, specialist kitchen designers, and renovators in this part of the country.

Are you interested in getting the right benchtops for your kitchen? Call us on 03 9796 3337 or get a quote for your selected kitchen benchtop shape.

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