7 Types of Kitchen Splashbacks Highly Sought-After!

If there is one area in your kitchen where you can get creative during a renovation, it’s the kitchen splashback! Apart from a neutral-coloured benchtop and cabinetry, kitchen splashbacks can provide a much-needed splash of colour and become the cynosure of the kitchen design.

Do you have a kitchen renovation project at hand and need some ideas for your kitchen splashback? Here are the seven popular and highly-desired kitchen splashbacks that you can glance at for some inspiration!

Engineered Stone Splashback

Engineered Stone Splashback

Engineered stone, as a kitchen splashback, looks stunningly beautiful. And when the kitchen benchtop gets adorned with the same engineered stone, it radiates a streamlined and refined look. Engineered stone is preferred over other kitchen splashback materials because it is easy to clean and maintain, durable and has low maintenance. More colours, designs and patterns get added to the range every year. Some of the popular brands in engineered stone splashback are Essastone and Caesarstone.

Natural Stone Splashback

Natural Stone Splashback

Both granite and marble are elegant and timeless natural stone splashback alternatives. If you’re using granite for your kitchen benchtop, then extend its use as kitchen splashback to provide a sleek look. Granite is robust and very durable natural stone material and is easy to clean and maintain. Besides, granite requires minimal maintenance and is resistant to heat and stains. 

Marble is also a natural stone, but it requires more maintenance. The marble surface is reasonably heat resistant but not as good as granite, as colour could change or slight burn damage could occur. Besides, extreme heat can cause thermal shock to its surface and may crack it.


Mirror Splashback

Nowadays, mirror glass splashbacks are getting a lot of attention. Thanks to mirrored splashbacks’ ability to improve the sense of space within the kitchen. The reflection of the mirrors creates the look of an opening or window. This type of splashback suits any kitchen style, as it creates a stunning effect for those areas that have a view of the outdoors to reflect, bringing the outdoors inside. Mirror kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean, durable and require minimal to nil maintenance.

Coloured-Glass Splashback

Coloured Glass Splashback

A coloured-glass splashback is durable, flexible, and you can match it with any cabinet or paint colour. Whether you select a dark or light tone, its reflection augments the sense of space in the kitchen. Coloured glass splashback has minimal to nil maintenance – using a glass cleaner and a simple microfiber cloth, you can wipe it clean and make it shiny.

Tiled Splashback

Tiled Splashback

Tiled-splashback provides an array of choices for colours and pattern selection for the kitchen. Choose soft colours such as grey, white, etc., to match seamlessly with your cabinetry, or select a contrasting colour to make your kitchen splashback pop.

  • Subway tiles are classy; they offer a simple yet relaxed-tiling pattern, which won’t get dated. White grout with darker hued tiles or dark grout with white tiles can make this tiling pattern pop. And coloured grout will lower the visibility of grout joints and can assist in hiding the stains.

  • The Herringbone pattern is an eternal tiling pattern that oozes out luxury and looks spectacular as a kitchen splashback. With this tiling pattern, white and marble are the top choices for the kitchen and will flawlessly work with all kitchen designs.

Stainless Steel Splashback

A stainless steel kitchen splashback will reflect light like a mirror, and you would not have to replace it anytime soon, as it is very durable and lasts long. Stainless steel splashback will provide an industrial edge to your kitchen.

Acrylic Splashback

Acrylic Splashback

Acrylic splashbacks are perfect for a stylish, modern or contemporary kitchen and available in diverse colours and sizing options. Acrylic splashbacks are easy to install, simple to maintain, and provides a stunningly classy finish. They are perfect for both kitchen and bathroom projects. 

  • Lustrolite is a high-grade, multi-layer, high-glossy acrylic sheet that resembles glass – it withstands scratches, chemicals and stains, and wear-resistant to heat and thermal shock.

The Bottom Line

Depending on the look you want to achieve, your preferences, including minimal maintenance, ease-of-use and durability, and your budget – you can choose any of the above-listed splashback material, and you’ll end up picking the right one!

Konnect Kitchen Store has a splashback for all types of kitchens and budgets, so make sure you check them out!

If you are not sure about splashback material selection or planning to design a kitchen, then call us at 03 9796 3337 or get a kitchen quote today!

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