Top 5 Benefits of Installing A Splashback in Your Kitchen

Splashbacks safeguard your kitchen walls and cabinetry from heat, moisture, cooking
residue, and oils. Splashbacks are essential behind your hob/stove top and sink. They are
an excellent way to add texture, colour and life to your kitchen design. If you’re considering
a kitchen renovation, consider installing splashback.

Here are the top five benefits of installing splashbacks in your kitchen.

1. Splashback Shields Your Kitchen Walls

The walls behind your stove and sink in your kitchen can attract all types of foods and
liquids. If the walls are left open, the foods and liquids will stain the walls and, in some
cases, even start ingesting the wall surface, leaving the area defenceless to mould and
mildew formation.

Bare bathroom walls are highly vulnerable to water damage, increasing the risk of mould
and mildew. In extreme cases, the water-damaged walls can compromise the room’s
structure. Therefore, installing a tiled splashback over these surfaces will seal and shield
the wall.

2. Splashback Lends Personal Touch to Your Kitchen

Your kitchen and bathroom walls are open canvases, and yes, you can paint them with the
colour of your choice. However, if you want to lend a stylish and personal touch to your
kitchen and bathroom, install splashback that you can get in many materials, styles,
patterns and colours.

Take inspiration from your vision and use your creativity to design a unique kitchen or
bathroom that reflects your style and personality.

3. Splashbacks are Easy to Clean

A well-designed splashback can enhance the beauty of your kitchen or bathroom;
however, they are easier to clean, which homeowners love. Wiping down the splashback
with a damp cloth or sponge is all you need to do to clean the splashback.

Splashback will give excellent protection for the areas where they are installed. Spills and
messiness are unavoidable in any kitchen. Food and liquids will likely stick to kitchen
surfaces and stain them. Kitchen splashbacks are easy to clean and maintain, so
homeowners love them.

4. Installing Splashbacks Increases Your Home’s Value

A tiled splashback protects your bathroom and kitchen walls from water damage and
heavy grease, increasing your home’s value. On the other hand, paint or wallpaper is not
functional, so it won’t add value to your home, as potential buyers won’t get attracted.
“Kitchens and bathrooms sell homes” is a famous saying.

A splashback can bring the whole kitchen design together, upgrading any kitchen design
cost-effectively. The upscale look can result in adding value to your home. If you’re
updating your kitchen just before selling your home, select a splashback that goes with the
rest of your design.

5. Splashback Safeguards Your Kitchen from Pests

Installing splashback in your kitchen wall will seal the area thoroughly, preventing pests
from infiltrating. And when there are no gaps in the drywall, pests cannot enter.

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