Do’s & Don’ts of Kitchen Remodelling

The kitchen has become a home’s heart, replacing the traditional living room as the go-to gathering spot. This space serves multiple purposes, from cooking and entertaining to completing homework assignments. If you’re keen to maximise the potential of your kitchen remodelling, explore these essential do’s and don’ts that will set you on the winning path.


Hire the Services of an Expert Kitchen Remodelling Designer

You can get assistance for your kitchen plans from a generic home improvement store, but an interior designer who understands your unique requirements will prove invaluable in the long term. At Konnect Kitchen Store, our designers work with you to address every detail. Contact us today to schedule your free virtual or in-home consultation!

Consider Extended Countertop Overhang

Even if your kitchen space allows only a modest island, consider integrating a slightly extended overhang of at least 10″ – 12″ to accommodate counter stools. This addition can serve as a delightful breakfast bar during busy mornings or as a gathering place for guests while you prepare meals.

Give Prominence to the Workflow 

The kitchen triangle concept, where the stove, fridge, and sink form an easily accessible triangle shape within a perimeter of 26 feet, has long been favoured in kitchen planning. However, this rule is not applicable if a larger kitchen integrates with a living space.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to consider your unique requirements and anticipate where functionality matters most. For instance, ample storage above the dishwasher enables convenient placement of flatware and glasses after the wash cycle. At the same time, sufficient counter space near the cooktop facilitates a seamless transition from chopping vegetables to the sauté pan.

Customise Your Kitchen Cabinets 

Beyond selecting your cabinets’ door style and finish, you can customise your kitchen cabinets in several ways. From roll-out drawers in your pantry to a dual recycling and trash bin or pull-down shelves for convenient accessibility in wall cabinets, the possibilities are endless when you hire the services of a semi to fully custom cabinet maker.

Optimise Functionality by Avoiding Obstructed Spaces 

Thoughtfully plan the clearance and swing direction of cabinet and appliance doors in your kitchen design, ensuring they are fully functional. Avoid placing appliances near corners and ensure that doors do not collide when open simultaneously.

Use Every Inch 

Capitalise on underutilised areas within your kitchen to maximise storage. For instance, toe-kick storage beneath cabinet doors offers a creative solution for items that are not used daily, such as serveware, linens, or an extra step ladder. By optimising your kitchen’s floor plan, you can free up countertop space and maintain a clutter-free environment.

Create an Airy Atmosphere in a Compact Kitchen

Dark colour palettes diminish the perceived size of a small space and make it less inviting. Instead, use light colour palettes for your kitchen cabinets and natural light to expand the room visually.


Don’t Overlook Your Budget

Budgeting plays a crucial role in remodelling your kitchen. It is vital to give prominence to the critical aspects of your kitchen and distribute your financial resources accordingly. Remember that kitchen cabinets typically account for around one-third of the overall budget for a standard kitchen remodelling.

Don’t Overlook the Splashback 

The splashback is a central focal point in your kitchen, presenting an opportunity to make a statement. Use different shades of the same colour, adding a sophisticated and cohesive touch to your culinary space.

Don’t Ignore Others in the Kitchen 

Although high gloss cabinets and polished metals may exude a sleek look, it’s essential to consider the presence of little ones. Opting for cabinets with a matte or textured finish, smudge-proof hardware, and appliances can be a more practical choice. However, textured cabinets may not be ideal if you have a mischievous cat roaming around.

Don’t Neglect the Cost of Appliances 

Standard appliances often suffice unless you’re designing a forever home or have professional chef aspirations. Investing in commercial-grade appliances can diminish your resale value, as most buyers prefer recognised brand names. While it’s crucial to ensure durability, take the time to research or consult experts at Konnect Kitchen Store who can cater to your specific needs.

Final Words

Do’s and Don’ts provide valuable insights for your kitchen renovation in Melbourne. At Konnect Kitchen Store, we specialise in guiding you through kitchen remodelling. Our expert team ensure that every detail of your kitchen renovation aligns with your vision. If kitchen remodelling is in your mind, contact us today and take the first step towards achieving your dream.

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