How to Know Your Kitchen Needs Renovation?

It’s an interesting question given the fact that you work in your kitchen day in and day out, but have little time to think about your kitchen renovations or at least a jazz up so that it remains functional and looks pleasing.

So, coming straight to the point — how to know your kitchen needs renovation? Well, we have listed some signs that will scream to you for some freshness and you’ll know that it’s perhaps the right time to renovate your existing kitchen.

1. Has cleaning become laborious for you?

Suppose, if you’re often trying hard to clean the surfaces of your splashback, benchtop, and floor tiles by scrubbing away for longer duration yet, they don’t get sparkling clean — take this as an indicator requiring some fresh kitchen makeover.

2. Are you storing your kitchenware outside your kitchen?

If you’re storing your kitchenware in boxes somewhere inside your garage or storage room, then this is a clear indicator that your kitchen layout needs alteration to accommodate all your cooktop, appliances, and crockery.

3. Are your cabinets and benchtop witnessing discolouration?

When stepping inside a kitchen, people notice your benchtop and cabinets at first glance. That’s because, they form a large part of your kitchen decor, so if they lose their colour or shine, it impacts the entire kitchen.

Thus, if your kitchen is emitting an exhausted look or looking old or dated, then it’s time to install stone or laminate kitchen benchtops to get functional as well as a visual viewpoint that adds value to your kitchen.

4. Are you witnessing insufficient space for your small family?

Is your kitchen design unable to accommodate your family members? For instance, does someone require exiting before you can enter and prepare your morning breakfast hurriedly?

Some older kitchen layout design doesn’t facilitate the modern lifestyle for food preparation and cooking as a family or entertaining family members or friends around the kitchen. Well, if you want to enjoy a lifestyle that you always dreamt, you shouldn’t be afraid to expand your kitchen space.

5. Are you uncomfortable hosting social gatherings at your place?

  • Are you uncomfortable inviting relatives or guests over the casual weekend party?
  • Does your kitchen miss out on the functionality it requires for catering purposes?

Let these not discourage you from entertaining guests at home — right away, commence a modern kitchen makeover that will leave your guests stunned and speechless!

The Bottom Line

If your kitchen is exhibiting more than one indicator from the above-mentioned, then it’s time to undertake kitchen renovation — get in touch with us at Konnect Kitchen Store on 03 9796 3337 for we have solutions not only for small budget kitchens but also for spacious and luxury kitchens.

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