5 Popular Kitchen Cabinet Design Ideas That You Can Try!

Are you thinking to change your existing kitchen cabinetry design? Well, we have options for your kitchen cabinets regardless of whether you have a modern, traditional, or any other kitchen design style. Moreover, changing your kitchen cabinet style, texture, and finish can transform the overall ambience of your kitchen without extensive renovation.

You can draw some inspiration from the five popular kitchen cabinet ideas explained below:

1. Cabinets Made Out of Wood

wood kitchen cabinet

Modern or classic kitchen designs will look stunningly beautiful with wooden kitchen cabinets. Wooden kitchen cabinets regarded as a luxury kitchen feature that comes with an array of advantages. The variety of textures and patterns you can find in wooden kitchen cabinetry will lend your kitchen a traditional and pleasing feel. Wooden and timber kitchen cabinets are a worthy investment for your home because they provide fantastic durability and age delightfully. To get a charming kitchen cabinet solution, you can combine wooden cabinets with glass doors for a practical, lasting, and aesthetically pleasing looks.

2. Cabinets with Glass Display

Custom cabinets with glass display are ideal for homeowners who want to flaunt their glassware, pottery, and crockery collection. Besides, glass kitchen cabinets also make for a fantastic home counter, visually pleasing and storage-friendly. Also, you can purchase ready-made glass kitchen cabinets from your local furniture shop.

3. The Shaker Style Cabinetry

shaker style cabinetry

Flat cabinets with recessed panels on the cabinet doors are shaker style cabinets. The classy and sleek kitchen cabinet design has a simple design at its core. Shaker cabinetry is loved by homeowners, as it lends any kitchen layout with a sense of pure country charm that flawlessly blends with any design style. The shaker style can include corbels, mantels, and fluted columns; thus, the shaker style is unbelievably versatile. Besides, you can finish shaker cabinetry in various textures such as in gloss and matt opaque colours or ash grain.

4. Double-Duty Cabinets

Sleek kitchen design is often distressed by projecting dishwashers and refrigerators. Double-duty kitchen cabinets confine kitchen appliances to make sure your line of kitchen cabinetry is not damaged. However, if you’re looking for ultra-minimal kitchen design, then handle-less, double-duty kitchen cabinets are recommended.

5. Handle-Less Cabinetry

handleless kitchen cabinets

Handle-less kitchen cabinetry offers you with many added advantages and is trendy in modern or custom kitchen designs. Besides, handle-less kitchen cabinets are practical, secure, and operate silently — they are ideal for families having little kids and for those who cannot tolerate the annoying slamming sound of kitchen cabinet doors. With advancements in cabinet runners and hinges, handle-less kitchen cabinets are easily accessible today than earlier times. You can integrate handle-less cabinets with touch mechanisms, which will facilitate you to open with an effortless push.

Final Words

If you’re changing your kitchen cabinetry, then give a try to any of these popular kitchen cabinet styles, which can completely change the look and feel of your entire kitchen without undertaking an extensive kitchen renovation. Call us on 03 9796 3337 and discuss with our passionate cabinet makers to make kitchen cabinets to suit your needs.

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