Top 5 Must-Have Kitchen Appliances for Your Dream Home

Whether renovating your existing kitchen or building a new home, you’ll need several
kitchen appliances to make your routine work easier. However, we have picked five
essential appliances for you, focusing on quality, practicality, style and modern technology.
These five appliances will assist you in renovating your existing kitchen or building your
dream home.

Here are the top five must-have kitchen appliances:

1. Cooktop & Oven

A cooktop and oven are both essential appliances in any kitchen. Before you decide to
purchase, you must know whether you want an electric or gas-powered cooktop and oven.
Gas cooktops and ovens will typically cost you more, but they will run cost-effectively.

Furthermore, only natural gas cooktops have instant heat control capability, allowing you to
capture all the flavours in your favourite dishes. Moreover, natural gas cooktops and ovens
are made of premium quality, are reliable and keep your running costs down. You can go
for a built-in or freestanding oven, or you can buy a combo cooktop and oven.

2. Fridge/ Freezer

All types of fridges and freezers are available on the market – they are solo or combo
options, top or bottom mounted. It would help if you considered your kitchen layout and
food storage needs to select a suitable fridge. It will help you to choose the best-suited
fridge with the right size and style, and then you can dig deeper into the fridge or freezer
configurations, features, door types, finishes etc.

In recent times, fridges have become more innovative and more efficient. You’ll get fridges
with multiple cooling zones, including airtight compartments for vegetables and fruits.

3. Efficient Washing Machine & Dryer

Washers and dryers are available in different shapes, sizes and styles; when selecting
them, you must consider the space and how often you’ll use them. And for the washing
machine, you need to select from a top loader or front loader. High-efficiency washing
machines you can buy in front load and top load models, which will cost you more initially,
but will save energy and water, saving you money in the long run.

One of the vital considerations regarding cloth dryers is selecting between electric and gas
dryers. Gas dryers are more efficient as they heat much faster and generate more heat
overall, helping dry out clothes quicker. Gas dryers can save you money over their electric

4. Rubbish Bins with Sensors

We have used rubbish bins with hand-lifted lids or foot pedals, thanks to the inventors of
these rubbish bins, for they have served us well. Nowadays, we have sensor rubbish bins
so you can bring the waste close to the lid and it will open automatically. It opens and
closes softly and works silently, allowing you to discard waste easily and sanitarily.

5. Espresso Machine

A coffee machine is a fantastic addition to any home, and it can make the kitchen stand
out. Selecting the suitable espresso machine is vital – most people will be happy with a
pump-driven semi-automatic or automatic coffee dispensing machine. Coffee pod
machines are a favourite choice. These espresso machines are available in many styles to
suit your kitchen interior.


You need the five above-mentioned essential kitchen appliances to complete your dream
home or kitchen renovation. It is not a thorough list, but it will inspire you to begin your
search for kitchen appliances.

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