4 Top Modern Kitchen Design Essentials

modern kitchen design

It is not hard to achieve a modern and minimalist kitchen whether you’re upgrading your existing kitchen or building a new one from scratch. We have explained four top modern kitchen design essentials in this blog. Using these vital design tips, you can actualise your dream of owning a modern and stylish kitchen.

1. Planning & Sorting

If you want to design a beautiful and spacious kitchen, then take a look at the current storage space if upgrading or plan storage if constructing a new one. Are you able to use every nook and corner of your kitchen space including walls, drawers and cabinetry space? Is it possible to remove or add new shelves to help increase your available kitchen storage space? Often kitchen drawers and cupboards gather miscellaneous things that need to be removed, so you’ll get a clutter-free space.

Get rid of any gadgets, cutlery, appliances, serving ware and baking items that you rarely or never use, and pack and store them in different storage spot or donate them. Check through your pantry and get rid of any foodstuff that has expired or you would not eat them. Now that you have sorted out things in your kitchen, you are ready to take the next step.

2. Modern Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrading your kitchen cabinets not only increases aesthetic appeal but also customise your storage space, with adequate space to store your utensils, dishes, pots and pans, and food items. Consider the following when selecting modern kitchen cabinets.

  • Ready-Made Cabinets: Ready-made cabinets or stock cabinets are manufactured in standard sizes, typically in 3-inch increments, with customisation options available with few limited choices that the manufacturer might offer. They come directly from the shelf in a restricted style range.
  • Semi-Custom Cabinets: Semi-custom cabinets are identical to ready-made cabinets because they are also pre-manufactured but are available in different options and sizes. That means you get some customisation choices.
  • Custom Cabinets: Custom or bespoke cabinets are made to precise specifications, and there isn’t any limitation on size, wood grade, finish or style choice. The beauty of custom cabinetry is that it can effortlessly adjust with the flow of your kitchen space and that you don’t have to force it to fit within your kitchen and make a compromise in the process.

How Much Will it Cost for Kitchen Cabinets?

Cost of kitchen cabinets will depend on many factors that include the total number of cabinets required, build quality, the material used for door, style and finish of the door, storage choices and accessories. If you’re eyeing for kitchen cabinets that are practical, convenient, elegant and gels with your lifestyle flawlessly, then you should give prominence to the design and function.

3. Kitchen Benchtops

Kitchen benchtops have the power to transform your kitchen. If you want to create a sleek and seamless look in your kitchen, then choose granite, marble, timber, stainless steel or engineered stone benchtops of leading brands such as Caesarstone and Essastone. Besides, it is equally important to keep your benchtop free from clutter, so it is imperative to shift kitchen appliances such as coffee machine and microwave to other places.

4. Hardware: Tapware, Handles & Knobs

When shopping for tapware, handles and knobs for your kitchen, you should have a clear idea regarding the type of look you want to achieve. The modern kitchen adorns neat and smooth surfaces and clean lines, which you can get by switching to a handleless kitchen.

The next thing to consider is the tapware style. The range is enormous when you need to select simple, sleek taps for your kitchen sink and laundry sink. Here, mixer taps are a popular choice, available in chrome, black, bronze, stainless steel and many more. You may select tap you like that also suits best to your modern kitchen design interiors.

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