Kitchen Trends 2022 – Top 6 Impressive Kitchen Design Ideas

When undertaking a kitchen makeover, you want your kitchen to be highly functional, convenient, look elegant and never date. Isn’t it? In this blog post, we bring you kitchen trends in 2022 and beyond.

1. Use Kitchen Windows As Splashback

window splashback kitchen

If your kitchen layout permits you to build a window as your kitchen wall splashback, then go ahead with the idea. Constructing a kitchen splashback out of the glass from which you can look outside has several advantages that include:

  • It is easier to clean the glass panel compared to maintaining complicate tile work over the long-term.
  • Light will come into the kitchen, which will increase its magnificence.
  • The glass panel will connect the interior with the exterior and make the area well-grounded.

Besides, when you install a long, horizontal glass panel as your kitchen splashback on an external wall, it facilitates you to keep your cabinetry above it, upholding your storage requirements.

2. Elaborate Kitchen Cabinet Designs

In 2022, the kitchen trends is towards more tactile and intriguing cabinet fronts. The plan is to make your kitchen cabinetry the focal point, accordingly here are some trendsetters for the cabinetry front:

  • Wood grains and even imitation will work wonders in making the space feel warm and natural.
  • VJ panelling is preferred as it creates an element of interest to the area.
  • Shaker profiles remain the favourites but are intricate in detail.
  • Both reeded timber and reeded glass front cabinets are on the rise.

Both 2PAC and matte finish are in the kitchen trends right now for cabinet finishes. Besides, a satin detail in shaker style cabinets is still very much in style and eternal. However, glossy cabinet fronts are not in fashion right now.

3. Use Contrast Colours for Kitchen Cabinets

timber kitchen cabinets

Use the power of contrast to boost your kitchen interiors. You can have warm timber cabinets above your kitchen benchtop and satin-white cabinets below the benchtop. Typically, light-coloured cabinets on top and dark-coloured cabinets below looks best. In this way, you can use contrast colours to boost your kitchen interiors, and they look stunning.

4. Entertaining & Interactive Space

When designing your kitchen space, planning is vital because you’ll want to make this space as interactive and spacious as possible. Earlier, kitchen space was all about practicality, but nowadays, it is more of a place to gather and socialise. That means, giving prominence to the design aspect for the kitchen space and all the washing and cleaning work performed in the butler’s pantry. If you want to make your kitchen more interactive, then here are some fantastic ideas to do it right:

  • Consider a desk zone in your kitchen design, which will allow kids to do their homework, taking your help if required.
  • Provision for a separate butler’s pantry, so you can keep your dishwasher there. Thus, the kitchen will become a place to entertain and not for cleaning chores.
  • Consider installing a cooktop on the island, which will facilitate you to cook with people gathered around.
  • Provide generous legroom for stools and preparation area by increasing the depth of your island.

5. Designing Butler’s Pantry

Butler pantry is not a new concept, but the focus is to make it more attractive and systematic in 2022. When it comes to an orderly and neat pantry, here are some ways to raise the bar.

  • Use trays or baskets to pair similar items such as spices together, oils together etc.
  • Add strip lighting beneath the shelves, so all things stay well lit and visible at night.
  • Put baskets with kids snacks on lower shelves and more delicate and breakable jars and bottles up higher.
  • Label all containers so you can identify them without any problems.
  • Keep a collection of well-sealed, transparent-containers so when the time comes to refill them, you will know.

6. Hamptons Kitchen

The Hamptons kitchen is all about using natural elements such as clean floors and walls with open shelving. Embellish with splashes of sea-friendly tones and handcrafted rattan. Open, fresh and welcoming, the Hamptons style kitchen gives out a holiday atmosphere. The Hamptons kitchen style permits liberal space in a kitchen; thus, offering the perfect ambience for central family-friendly space.

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