How to Design a Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen on a Budget?

Hamptons style kitchen is the hallmark of the wealthy and affluent homes in New York, America; they are elegant yet informal, simple yet with lots of coastal character. Due to these characteristics, Hamptons kitchens too have become the favourites of Aussies.

However, a modern Hamptons style kitchen is not very costly, and it can be owned by any homeowner regardless of a big or small budget. If you love the Hamptons kitchen style and want to have it in your kitchen, then follow these vital styling tips that will help you to capture the heart and soul of a Hamptons kitchen.

Modern Hamptons Style Kitchen Styling Tips

Functionality, convenience and styling aspects are the pillars of Hamptons kitchens, so you need to add them into your kitchen to create a Hamptons design style for your kitchen. That means Hamptons kitchens are comfortable and convenient wherein you’ll love to work and entertain your family or friends. Hamptons kitchens provide ventilated spaces that filled with elegance, and it oozes out a graceful sense of refinement.

Hamptons Style Kitchen Melbourne

Hamptons Kitchens – Key Qualities & Design Features

  • It should use natural materials like wood, stone like granite and marble.
  • It must facilitate open spaces that reflect lots of natural light and possess excellent ventilation.
  • It should include designer and superior-quality kitchen cabinetry and trimmings.
  • Bright and focal lighting highly-desired.
  • High-pitched ceilings, exposed architecture like beams and timber detailing complete the look.

Natural Elements

Hamptons kitchens look lovely with nature adornments. Timber, glass and stone are the finest styling components that you will find in beautiful Hamptons kitchens.

  • Marble or granite stone benchtops suited for Hamptons kitchen.
  • Shaker-style cabinetry made from high-quality timber, beautifully carved.
  • Cabinet fronts and doors adorned with glass.
  • Flooring, stairs and furniture pieces adorn timber (Either leave it as is to get the natural look or paint it white).


Neutral colours like beige, white and ivory are the core of Hamptons kitchen. Besides, emphasised colours can be used for benchtop appliances like kettles and toasters, and include all through the kitchen decor. Seafoam green and duck egg blue widely used emphasised colour options for Hamptons kitchens.


The texture is the ideal equivalent in a Hamptons kitchen to coexist with a dominant white base. Add texture to feature on items like wall-hung picture frames, a floor mat, furniture cushions etc. You can use widely used materials like linen, hessian and burlap.

Hamptons Kitchen Cabinets

Classic kitchen cabinetry is a part of the Hamptons kitchen, and Shaker-style cabinetry with lovely handles can give you the right ambience of Hamptons style kitchen. Open shelving is a part of the Hamptons kitchen design feature. Besides, you can blend Hampton’s kitchen cabinets with a couple of glass-front cabinet doors to substitute the timber style.

Island Bench

An island bench is an essential component for entertaining. In case you lack the space, then you can include a butcher’s block to double as the island and add a side table as needed.

Oversized Features & Open Spaces

Features like uncovered timber beams and panelled timber wall are adornments of Hamptons style kitchens. Sizeable, impressive and pleasing, Hamptons kitchen grasps their natural state. Hamptons Kitchens have an overall liberal space that includes plenty of cabinetry and a farmhouse sink with great-looking tapware and generous bench space.

Creating a light, ventilated space that invites natural light is requisite; here are some ideas to accomplish it.

  • A skylight ceiling-based.
  • Bi-fold doors that open up to an open-air entertaining zone.
  • Big windows facilitate light to enter in as much as is possible.

The Breakfast Bar

The breakfast bar space is essential in a Hamptons kitchen style. Timber bar stools will suit the area seamlessly. Besides, you can add an upholstered seat or a textured seat pad to complete the look.

Lighting Feature

Without feature pendant lights, a Hamptons kitchen would not look complete. Moreover, large lanterns made from natural glass and timber give a flawless look.

Final Words

If you love the simplicity and open space ambience that bring in coastal beauty, then a Hamptons kitchen is the perfect choice for your home. Best of all, it is not needed to possess a beach-side home to enjoy the best of beach-side kitchen style.

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