Is Handleless Kitchen Design Worth Your Investment?

Handleless Kitchen Cabinets

Handles are the most used feature in your kitchen and home. Can you imagine accessing the contents of your kitchen without handles? Well, kitchen handles are available in diverse materials, styles, and finishes. These small details influence the overall style and ambience of your kitchen. Selecting the best kitchen handles are vital practical and ocular decision.

Lately, many customers opt for handleless kitchen designs for elegance, convenience, and a seamless look. Let’s glance at the merits and demerits of a handleless kitchen, which will help you to decide.

 Why Should You Choose Handleless Kitchen? 

  • If you’re looking for a contemporary kitchen design with modest aesthetics, a handleless kitchen is something you should consider.
  • The handleless design could be helpful for some areas in your kitchen cabinets. Handles can catch on clothing as people pass by, and handleless kitchens can prevent this problem.
  • Handleless island cabinet style renders a clear path around the island, averting the concern of handles catching onto clothing. It creates a flawless look right around the kitchen island’s sides.
  • The handleless design revolves around the structure and material of the kitchen, unobstructed by the ornamental detailing of handles. It offers a distinctive look that ups the overall ambience of the kitchen.
  • Diverse colour options and a vast selection of cabinet finishes are available, including gloss, matte, wood, curved and glass.
  • Integrated handles are the best option for a handleless design, as it removes the visibility of finger marks on the front of the surface.

Some Aspects of Handleless Kitchen That You Need to Manage

  • The handleless kitchen can be bothersome as sometimes it requires a few pulls or pushes before you can open it. Sometimes, an accidental push mechanism may open if you lean on it. However, you will get it every time with handles.
  • Handleless kitchens are classy and elegant, but they command a higher cost, as they need specialist styles to get the cabinet or drawer fitted correctly.

Get Stylish Handleless Kitchen Renovation from Konnect Kitchen Store

A contemporary handleless kitchen design can influence homeowners and guests, but there are many hitches to the design than conventional handles. Regardless of the new kitchen design you choose, Konnect Kitchen Store’s expert team can assist you in creating the highly functional, convenient and visually appealing modern kitchen that you want. We will implement kitchen renovation following NSW COVID Safety protocols for construction and tradespeople.

When you’re ready to begin your kitchen renovation, contact the expert kitchen design team at Konnect Kitchen Store and get the stylish look and the functionality you expect from a top-end kitchen.

Konnect Kitchen Store sources products from prominent manufacturers in Australia, and our kitchen designers have many years of experience in delivering small, medium and luxury kitchens.

Visit our kitchen showroom to see how the best craftsmanship, combined with high-quality materials and finishes, can transform your kitchen into a masterpiece. We provide kitchen renovation for any kitchen layout. We offer a full kitchen renovation service from initial idea and manufacturing to final installation.

Give us a call at Konnect Kitchens on 03 9796 3337 or get a quote online, and we will assist you with the custom kitchen of your dreams.

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