Light Or Dark Kitchen Cabinets – What Looks Better?

The kitchen is the busiest place in a home. From food preparation and cooking, serving and dining to socialising, everything happens in a kitchen. Kitchen cabinets take up significant space and are the most visible feature. So, select light or dark kitchen cabinets carefully to create the warmth and ambience you want to achieve.

Importance of Light and Dark Kitchen Cabinets?

Most people prefer light kitchen cabinets, but there are takers for dark kitchen cabinets too! It all boils down to your kitchen style and preferences. In this blog, we will discuss the deciding elements of both light and dark kitchen cabinets that will help you decide what’s best for your kitchen interiors.

Light Kitchen Cabinets

light kitchen cabinets
Light Kitchen Cabinets

Light kitchen cabinets can open up a confined kitchen and brighten and visually increase the space. Light cabinet colours include white, off-white, light grey, beige, and light natural wood tones.


Light cabinets are ageless, and they will never date while colour trends come and go. Choose popular light shades to lend a timeless look to your kitchen; besides, they will increase the value of your home.


Light-coloured cabinets are adaptable. They can adjust to a wide range of kitchen design styles and seamlessly blend with any colour, be it bold or muted. If your kitchen countertops are dark-coloured, for instance, black or coffee or bright and bold-coloured like red, choose light cabinets.

Reflects Light

Light-coloured kitchen cabinets will reflect light, both natural light and artificial light you install in your kitchen. Besides, light colours will make your kitchen appear spacious and more open.


The drawback of light-coloured cabinetry is they exhibit fingermarks, stains and dirt more easily. So you will have to invest considerable time cleaning and maintaining them. Moreover, light cabinetry will reveal discolouration more readily.

Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark Kitchen Cabinets
Dark Kitchen Cabinets

Dark kitchens and custom cabinetry will look stunning and distinctive if done well, but they demand more design skill. Dark cabinet colours include black, brown, coffee, rich grey, navy blue and deep wood tones.

Opulent Ambience

Dark cabinetry blends wonderfully with adorned cabinet door styles, and they look stunningly elegant, making your kitchen exude sophistication and luxury.

Colour Choices

Dark kitchen cabinets are available in diverse colours, including bright orange and emerald green tones that look attractive. Besides, use a dark cabinet finish to improve the texture of natural wood.

Hides Deterioration

Whether you make splashes while preparing food or kids may leave a dent or two, dark cabinet shades can hide the evidence better.

Dark Cabinets Can Emit a Heavy Look

Dark cabinetry can emit a heavy, even suffocating atmosphere, especially in a smaller kitchen, and it will feel more congested with dim lighting.

Dark Cabinetry is Not a Universal Choice

You may be fond of dark cabinetry, but not everyone likes it as you do! And if you’re planning to sell your home soon, then you should know that dark cabinetry does not have a universal appeal. That means it will be hard to sell a house with a dark kitchen or dark kitchen cabinetry.

Strike a Balance Between Light Elements & Contrast Dark

If you can’t decide between light or dark kitchen cabinets, opt for a middle way out by blending light and dark elements in your kitchen renovation plan. For instance, install light cabinetry with dark flooring. It will help you to create a harmonious balance between light and dark elements.

Get Professional Help!

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