What Makes A Minimalist Shaker Style Kitchen Highly Desirable?

Small Shaker Style Kitchen

A Shaker style is a highly sought after kitchen design style. Shaker style kitchens focus on a minimalist design with clean lines, with little or no decoration. Why should you choose Shaker kitchen? How do you design a Shaker kitchen, and what are its main advantages? Here, we will uncover all these vital details about the Shaker style kitchen. It will help you decide whether the Shaker style is perfect for your custom kitchen renovation project or new build.

Why Choose a Shaker Kitchen?

Shaker kitchens are well accepted because of their magical design. This kitchen design is very functional and convenient while providing a modest yet ageless look. Besides, the Shaker style is highly versatile. This style is perfect for both traditional and modern homes. Shaker style furniture seamlessly blends with other styles, such as country, contemporary, coastal and ultra-modern.

Shaker Furniture – Minimalist & Practical

The Shaker furniture style is uniquely created by the united society of believers in Christ’s second coming – a religious order that believed in simplicity, practicality, and ethics, known as the Shakers. Their belief has been mirrored in the nicely crafted furniture having minimalist designs that are simple to use and highly functional. Classic Shaker furniture is decorative and will flawlessly suit any home interiors.

Designing A Shaker Style Kitchen

Use of Wood

Shakers used local timbers in their kitchen woodwork. If you want to achieve a classic Shaker look, go for American woods such as walnut, cherry, pine, and maple. Nonetheless, you can get the Shaker look using natural wood, such as rosewood, oak, and mahogany. Apart from window frames, doors, and wooden cabinetry, you can achieve a Shaker look with wooden chairs, stools, and benchtops.

Kitchen Cabinets

Start with the kitchen cabinetry. With recessed doors and distinctive wooden knobs, Shaker-style cabinets are easily identifiable. Shaker cabinets provide the shaker look instantly, so install them and choose other harmonising elements for your kitchen.

Kitchen Flooring

Wooden flooring is the first choice; however, textured tiles with earthy colours will work too!

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Shaker furniture made from wood allows natural colours to rule. Today, the Shaker style has transformed to include natural tones or any light shades. Clay and beige and muted duck egg and aubergine achieve the Shaker style.

Light tones are all the rage with the Shaker style; however, blending with blues, greens, and other non-neutral colours can lend character to your Shaker kitchen. Besides, deep colour can lend your Shaker kitchen a contemporary style.


Wooden handles and pulls were the signatures of Shaker-style kitchens. Today, you can modernise the overall look using metal – go for vintage-looking brass or sleek stainless steel to achieve a classic or contemporary look for your kitchen design.

Main Benefits of Shaker Kitchen

Create Your Signature Style within the Shaker Design

Today, a range of material choices are available, which lets you add or create your signature style within the Shaker design for your kitchen. For instance, choose beaded or bevelled edging, or get creative with bold and contrasting choices for benchtops and splashbacks. This way, you can transcend the classic Shaker look if you desire.

Minimal Maintenance

Shaker style is all about simplicity and minimalist design, so all kitchen surfaces, cabinets and doors are easy to clean without any tricky corners. Furthermore, you can go for soft rounded corners to create a safe environment for the little ones and pets or add visual appeal.

Ageless Design and Aesthetic Appeal

A modern Shaker kitchen enjoys clean lines and a seamless look, raising its modest feel and is advantageous to a busy space like the kitchen. The sleek cabinet style will give you a look that will last a lifetime. And when it is time to update your kitchen look, a change of colour or a fresh coat of paint is sufficient to renew the whole space.

The Bottom Line

The Shaker style is an ideal kitchen design for minimalist aesthetics. Shaker style will suit all contemporary custom kitchens – it is all about blending adaptability with durability!

If you want to build a new or renovate your existing kitchen into a Shaker style kitchen, call us at Konnect Kitchen Store, a specialist in kitchen design and renovation, on 03 9796 3337 or get a quote online, and we will be delighted to serve you.

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