Top 4 Considerations for Designing a Bespoke Kitchen

Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

Designing a bespoke kitchen will allow you to build your kitchen according to your needs and preferences. It allows for making your kitchen space more functional and convenient. Bespoke kitchens are also known as custom kitchens, where you can build cabinetry and storage to suit your unique needs. 

Konnect Kitchen Store is a kitchen design and renovation specialist based in Melbourne and offers kitchen remodelling services for budget and luxury kitchens. We also sell several products, ranging from kitchen benchtops and tapware to handles and knobs, including toilet seats, vanities, shower screens, basin bowls, and bathroom accessories. We have created this handy guide so you can know what to consider when designing a bespoke kitchen.

Here are the crucial considerations for designing a bespoke kitchen:

#1. Selecting the Perfect Layout for Your Bespoke Kitchen

Your kitchen should be functional and convenient to use with good looks. So the kitchen layout is one of the most crucial considerations. The kitchen layout can determine how you will use the area and how you should place vital kitchen features, such as the kitchen island.

Make sure you leave a clear space between your fridge, oven, or hob and sink to create practical, workable spaces – these three essential work areas in the kitchen are also known as the kitchen work triangle. And here are some popular kitchen layouts that you can choose:

  • U-Shaped Kitchen: If you have a wider kitchen area, then a U-Shaped kitchen would be the best layout that will provide a lot of space for food preparation and cooking with generous bench space in the middle of your kitchen.
  • L-Shaped Kitchen: You can fill your entire kitchen area with an L-shaped layout. You will get sufficient bench space, storage, and flexibility when using this layout.
  • Galley Kitchen: Having limited space in your kitchen will allow a galley kitchen layout to use available space optimally. The galley kitchen layout makes the most of the room’s height.

#2. Building a Functional & Convenient Kitchen

Once you determine the kitchen layout style for your kitchen, you need to think about the functionality that will make your routine chores effortless. It can include: 

  • Several power points need installation in the kitchen, and what would be the ideal place to install them. You need power points not only for 3-pin plugs but also for USB points for charging phones and other gadgets.
  • Allot the best place for the coffee maker and kettle for effortless filling from the tap.
  • You need to decide what place would be the best for using the hand blender, toaster, food processor, and other kitchen appliances? 

Once you have pictured your daily routine, you need to add lighting. For instance, installing a feature light over the dining space with a dimmer feature. Benchtop areas should have sufficient light, and they need to be lit from above to avoid working in your own shadow. 

#3. Selecting High-Quality Benchtop & Splashback Materials

Another valuable consideration for a bespoke kitchen is using high-quality kitchen benchtops and splashback materials. The benchtop should be durable and robust to endure everyday use without being damaged or dented by sharp knives, pans, pots, or water. The splashback needs to be fully waterproof to shield your property. Solid surface alternatives, such as granite and quartz stone, are the most effective. These can fulfil all your requirements and provide a hygienic surface where moulds and mildew can’t develop.

#4. Select the Best Colour Scheme 

To give the final touch to your bespoke kitchen, you should choose the best colour scheme. Though white kitchens are a hit among homeowners in Australia, other colour options are available, including light green, light blue, light grey, light yellow and light orange. And to give a contrasting effect, you may go for a black kitchen benchtop and cabinetry. Select a kitchen colour scheme that flawlessly suits the style of your kitchen and home.

If you want to build a bespoke kitchen and custom kitchen cabinetry, contact us at Konnect Kitchen Store on 03 9796 3337 or get a quote online, and we would be happy to assist you.

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