What is the Best-Suited Kitchen Colour Scheme for Home?

A kitchen is where you spend maximum time in your home. Thus, it is imperative to set the right ambience in your kitchen. Making the correct choice may not be easy as you’re surrounded by many different kitchen colour schemes these days. Besides, this space serves as a social hub of the home where family members and guests gather.

That’s why you will want to ensure infusing the perfect ambience and style into your kitchen. Whether you’re designing a new custom kitchen or going in for a kitchen renovation, ensure you choose the best-suited colour scheme to build the kitchen of your dreams.

Here, we have uncovered highly sought after kitchen colour schemes. Take some time and look at them; who knows, you might stumble upon the perfect one for your kitchen.

Classic Neutrals

White Kitchen with Wooden Floors

If you love the classic, ageless style, a white kitchen with neutral accents such as wooden floors or cabinets will be perfect. Neutrals and whites are widely accepted colour schemes for kitchens. It provides you with the option of experimenting and changing your style whenever you wish without redoing the whole kitchen. If you’re after a neat and clean look that does not feel dull, neutral schemes for kitchens are the way to go!

Serene Green & Grey

Infuse serene green and grey colour scheme into your kitchen. Using this colour scheme, you can paint your cabinets or highlight your kitchen island. Harmonise your kitchen with soapstone benchtops. This scheme is unique and creative but not too consuming.

Warm or Light Grey

Both light and dark grey colour schemes are a fabulous addition to the kitchen. This combination suits modern kitchens flawlessly and adds an element of style. If you’re after a warmer colour hue, then warm grey is an option that can keep your kitchen stylish and comfortable. Warm greys pair beautifully with copper cookware, so adding copper pots and pans will enhance the elegance of this colour scheme. With this colour scheme, you can create a trendy modern look or infuse a vintage feel. It strikes the right balance regardless of your style preferences.

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Ocean Blue

Blue Kitchen Cabinets

If you love the beach, add some ocean tones into your kitchen with watery blues! This colour scheme can blend different blue shades and create a serene atmosphere, ideal for entertaining guests. This colour scheme will work seamlessly on wooden kitchen flooring. To harmonise your neutral-toned benchtops or wooden floors, you can also consider painting your walls, splashback and cabinets with a tranquil shade of blue.


Taupe infuses a warm tone into a white kitchen. And adding serene neutral tones make the atmosphere tranquil and more open. An ideal way is to pair natural wood to add neutral tones to your kitchen. If you’re thinking about how to add wood into your kitchen? The best way is to add some stained wood kitchen cabinets.

Bold & Bright Yellow

Sunny yellow is a vibrant and cheerful colour! If you want your kitchen to adorn a joyous, light mood, integrate the elegance of sunshine with yellow. It works seamlessly with natural wood tones and whites and can be added through kitchen accessories, crockery and decor. If you have a modern kitchen, you will want to keep it clean with a consistent colour. Add a pop of yellow by placing some sunflowers in a vase, which will add a lively mood to the room.

Bright & Light Blues

Bright blue is excellent for highlighting some parts of your kitchen. Add bright blue into the space in the form of vases, bowls, mugs and other decors. Besides, you can choose bright blue for your kitchen cabinets. Pair light blue with a feature colour to make your kitchen stand out.

Imagine a light-blue kitchen island paired with bright red or yellow bar stools, and this kitchen feel instantly retro! Besides, light blues can add a tender mood to your kitchen ambience, as they can be used as accent colours to highlight your preferred parts of your kitchen, or you can add them to your crockery for a more delicate indication of colours.

Impressive Black Kitchen

black kitchen

If you want your kitchen to be modern and refined, a black kitchen is the way to go! If you use the black colour scheme wisely in your kitchen space, it will look impressive. Pair black with wood to create a warm ambience. Infuse brass wherever possible in the kitchen space, for instance, lighting and hardware, and add butcher-block type kitchen benchtops for a stylish look.

The Bottom Line

Well, selecting the best-suited kitchen colour schemes is your first step toward unlocking your dream kitchen design!

If you require any help or recommendations for selecting the kitchen colour schemes best-suited for your home, get in touch with us at Konnect Kitchen Store on 03 9796 3337 or get a kitchen quote online, and our kitchen experts will be glad to assist you!

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